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Makeup artist born Brazil, since 1996 I am specialist in beauty makeup and visual esthetic production, collaborating in different areas of art, fashion and beauty. In 2005 I moved to Barcelona to improve my technique in makeup and hairstyle and establish contact with leading professionals.

Self-taught, attentive to the work of others, I realized I could adapt new trends and techniques, by using new products to get a cool effect on the skin and get a quality result. Some of my jobs are published in VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Esquire, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and L'Officiel.

Currently alive between Paris and Barcelona, combining works and projects.


Publications/Magazines: NEO2, Vanidad, ZERO, Revista nox, DTLux, Clone, H magazine, El Dominical - El Periódico de Catalunya, Guia Creativity, OCI Magazine, Concepto Mag, First Class, Staf, Actitudes, SPY Magazine, Revista AR, Star 2, Urban Catarsis, "it fashion, That's Life mag, Yo Dona, Spend In mag, XL Semanal (ABC), Mujer hoy, GLAMOUR, S moda (El País), Avenue Illustrated mag, Divinity, Lifestyle (LaRazón) & METAL magazine (Es).

International: Harper's Bazaar (Th), ZINK Magazine, y Fantasticsmag (Ca), ELLE, MODA y GLAMOUR (Bg), Cosmopolitan (Am), Fem Centroamérica, BG magazine (Ec), Esquire, SNC magazine (Kz), emirates WOMAN y Wafi (Dubai), Pashion Mag (Lb), Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Revista Cabelo & Cia, Querida, UNIT mag, Revista Cabeleireiros, DROPS mag, y Revista ALFA (Bra), UCE Mag (Nc), C-Heads Mag (At), Make up Artist Magazine, Stilo Mag, Contributor Mag, 414 mag, Beauty Etc. Mag, Ouch! Magazine, W25, CHAOS Mag, TheStag mag. y Obviousmag (USA), L'Officiel (Ua), Revista Exclama (Co), StyleSpeak Magazine (In), Make up Internacional (Pl), VOGUE, BLEND+ Magazine (Pt), Trucco & bellezza, Still mag, Bmm mag, y LUI mag. (It), Grazia, Luxsure Mag y Ghubar mag (Fr), MMSCENE Mag, I-on Mag, Flavour Mag, 3SIXTY Mag, y USED mag. (Uk), Harper's Bazaar (Vn), Catalogue Mag, L´Etat Second mag, Libertarian mag, y Doux mag (Ar), Chic Fashion mag (Ba), Fiori mag (Id), Marie Claire, Código Mag, SPOT mag, revista Sublime (Mx), The Journal, Pepper Mint mag (Au), Stella mag. (Dk), Belane mag. (Ch), JMEN, LANDMARK, ELLE Man, SundayMORE mag (Hk), L'Officiel (Sg), Marie Claire (Gr), BeStyle (Tr).

Digital magazine: Revista Woman, La Vanguardia, Hebe Mag, ANATOMIKA, Vanity Gay, Mens Matters, CL mag, y NEOMODA (Es), Portal da maquiagem, Terra, Revista moda, Revista Catarina y U+MAG (Bra), Fashion.Maga-Zine.com (GA), Amelie G, Portafolio mag, OMIT mag, FahionDailyMag, y Fine Taste mag (USA), Posi+tive Mag, Le Petit ETAT, y Velvet Mag (Ro), Idol mag, Fault mag, Labb mag y Compônere Mag (Uk), Dirrty Glam, Dujour Mag, NINJA mag, y Factice mag. (Fr), The pet fan-club (INDIE mag), Fashion Victims mag (Mx), TheUltimateMag.

Advertising: POND´S INSTITUTE, TAGheuer, Stradivarius, Chupa Chups, Bagués Masriera, Smoking paper, Gafas FreeLand (Visibilia), Regal seguros, Honda motos, Vicelona, Catalunya Turismo, spot EVAX, PortAventura, IbizaGranHotel, Bosanova, L´illa Diagonal, YOBALEX, Tampax, GAES y PANTENE (Es), Bellaverde (Uk), XGrandvalira (Ad), Revista Triaden (Triaden Lørenskog Storsenter) (No), Nelly.com (Se) y Melon Chain (Seminis/Monsanto), High Sierra, kawasaki motors, Marie Claire Eyewear (Bra).

Catalog: Pura López, Florentino (lookbook), TOUS, Divuit Moda, Catalina Estrada, Alexandra Navas, Juan Rama, Vicelona, FurStyl, Luxury & Confort, Herysa & Dupple, Marta peleterías, Tass Joies, LookBook Brunella, Anna Mora (Ditex), Paco Herrero, Aqua & Cotton, Tex (Carrefour), AMS PURE (Es), Verbo Jeans (Bra), moda&cía (Pe), ETRIER, Tally-Weijl, Donrevton, 3322 Collection, Margareth&Moi, Tex (Carrefour) y OAKWOOD (Fr), MMX Germany y Meyer-hosen (De), Wool&Co, Primadonna Collection (It), NewMan (Cl).

TV: TeleTaxi TV - Ziga-Zaga, DobleT, Digues-l'hi amb Música, L´informatiu y Las Teles.

Show & events: YSL Baby doll (concierto vertical), “La danza de los dos pianos” (obra de teatro), Pasarela Eco-Fashion (moda sostenible & creativa), POSDATA Outlet, Feria COSMOBELLEZA (2011), LG (Smart TV - 3D), Maylex (Boutique), kawasaki (Eicma (It) & Intermot (De).

Video Clip: EVAX (Spot), ¿Quieres algo más?' (serie online), VIROSPACK & Tous Jewelry.